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Moo, moo
ok my new life plan is to win the lottery...

cause the new job i just started last month?

laid off already.

i hate this economy.

oh and i saw chaodai on a show on the history channel talking about alien astronauts... I'm gonna have to find the whole thing and DVR it now...
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So Sean I were looking out the window yesterday - he sees a robin on our neighbor's roof- he starts singing "rockin' robin" and doing a little dance in the sunroom and it made me tear up a little.

He's never gonna know about MJ. it'll just be some dude that died when he was little, you know?

In other news- I'm selecting paint for my living room this week!
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so i was watching tv the other day and a commercial for the disney atlantis resort came on. In the background i hear the song from Juno "anyone else but you" - i can't tell if it's exactly the same lyrics or a modified version, but for some reason this bothers me.

here's a resort that's family oriented - it's DISNEY for crying out loud- and they're playing a song from a movie about teenage pregnancy.

now don't get me wrong. I love Juno. I thought it was a GREAT movie. I laughed, I cried, it holds a special place in my heart. (obviously for me to have recognized the song, duhr) But as a parent it irks me that Disney is using the song to promote their shit.

I'm not dumb or naive enough to think that watching a movie about teen pregnancy is going to make a teenager think "Gee, I think I'll go have a baby and give it to a really sweet couple"

but something about Disney using it to promote VACATIONs wants me to punch a hole in the wall.

btw- job is going good, just finished my 2nd week. i even got paid today!
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sunbrae !!!

I saw this and thought of you !!

Alanis Morissette and her brother Wade

Isn't it ironic that Alanis Morissette has a twin? No, not really, but neither were any of the things that Morissette talked about in her 1996 hit song "Ironic." But we digress. Wade played piano and guitar growing up, but it wasn't until he combined his passion for yoga with his love of music that he found his true calling. As a spokesman for lululemon athletica apparel, Wade joined the Yoga Pilgrimage in 2005 and toured to promote his debut album, "Sargam Scales of Music." He's been rocking the yoga circuit ever since. Maybe if Wade had taught Alanis how to align her chakras, "Jagged Little Pill" might have been a kinder, gentler album.

I wish I had the "I ♥ irony" icon
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i just found this- dude i feel awesome!! - i am talking about text posting!!
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541K 2:42
“Oh my God so I guess it's Black Friday the biggest shopping day of the year. I'm taking my sister home after Thanksgiving and stuff and she lives about an hour away from me. So I'm driving back in it will last till 4:00am. Stores open at 4:00 thus by Wal-Mart do not open till 5:00. The shopping centers by my house have a code that's why I'm at Wal-Mart and like some of the random stores like Bed and Bath and Beyond, Ashley Furniture and stuff like that. The whole parking lot is full from one end of the strip mall to the other and I can't even begin to describe how big this parking is. It's got the Coles, Ashley Furniture like the Starbucks at ___ all the kinds of like ___ and restaurants and jewel stores all kinds of shit. Huge ass strip mall packed for the 4:00am cool thing. So I'm like oh my God so I'm thinking Best Buy must be really packed. Best Buy must have 10 cars in the parking lot and nobody is actually in line nobody but my car. Ok that's weird. Drive on down to the Wally Road and people there's parking lot is packed from their whole side of the lot like the whole their side of the lot. The whole parking lot is totally crammed in. They like on the end of the other side of the street. The people are standing outside in the freaking cold coz it's 4:00 in Indiana in the middle of fucking(?) winter and it's cold outside. People are lined up like 5ft coz I got to go see this from the Wal-Mart Stores all the way to the end of the Marsh. So like cold is at one end of the strip mall. There's a street that runs through the middle and the Wal-Mart is through the other end of the strip mall and the people are lined up from the Wal-Mart to the street and I bet you that they are like going around the corner of the building. That is how bad it is and it is 5 people feet like that is ridiculous to get in to Wal-Mart to go shopping. I'm not going shopping in anywhere at all this weekend. I don't even care. This is just so crazy. This cannot be deal for me to want to fight off this crowd. It's just so crazy. I just cannot believe it. 4:00am what is this people doing in line? Oh my God. Super crazy. Super crazy. So I just wanted to share with you guys coz it's fucking(?) ridiculous for shopping. I love shopping as much as the next person but come on my God. So anyways Happy Black Friday everybody. I'll talk to you later. Bye.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox
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Just wanted to spread a little Turkey Day cheer to everyone!!
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so saw twilight last night at midnite. I felt like I should be in therapy. Yes I saw the horribly bad movie, please let me see it again!! I mean we're not talking a cinema classic here, but it's not like the books are literary masterpieces either. Once the kids go to bed tonight I am re-reading the book. Cause I am a 12 yo girl.

Just found out Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone are getting cancelled. I think I will cry now.

those kids I mentioned earlier? Covered in snot and puking. Yay Sinus infections!! NOT!
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So #1- I wanted to make a new twilight icon and then found out that I have lost my PSP animation shop add-on. Can't find it anywhere on my HDD. So I am frustrated with havign to re-DL and re-install and blah blah blah. So I am reduced to using my one and only stationary twicon.

#2- in less than 24 hours I get to see TWILIGHT!!!! WHOO HOO!! I seriously hope there are not too many 12yr old fangirls out that late on a school nite, but WTF do I know?

#3- i just got 2 free ringers on my phone (Britney's Womanizer and Journey's Lovin, touchin, squeezin) Yes I am an eclectic weirdo.(Speaking of Bspears, a local radio station played the whole album yesterday and I really liked it. maybe I really am turning into a 12-yr old girl, first Twilight and now Britney!)

#4- I have been playing Virtual Villagers 2 like crazy - I don't know why I can't stop. it's fucking addicting.

#5- oh yeah the suckiness? My kids both have sinus infections! YAY! NOT! I need to invest in kleenex, we're going thru it like milk round here (I'd say water, but they drink more milk than water)
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I seriously hope that the movies does justice to the book.

with all the hype surrounding it, the little twinges of doubt are creeping into my psyche...

because the main thing I'm noticing on all the promos? is that he's a vampire. Yes it is central to the story line, but for me, it is a love story first, vampire story second. and what's the third sentence in all the promos? You're a VAMPIRE. maybe it is to attract those that do not know what twilight is, but I sincerely hope they focus on the bella/edward aspect and not teenage girl/vampire aspect.

*jumping off the soapbox*
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so something I've noticed on the blogs- if you voted mccain, everything is locked or behind a cut and you've dug yourself into a little hole to cry.
if you voted for obama, you're posting paragraphs, pictures of victory and saying suck it republicans! (and yes I am generalizing 100s of people.)

The thing I think is funny about all this? I wish I could see how these same blogs looked 4 yrs ago, or even 8 years ago. because it'd be the same, only flipped. yes you will lose some "friends" - i have seen several ppl on facebook, myspace and LJ that have said "if you voted for *blank* remove me" but who needs friends that you can't disagree with?

give it a little time and we'll all go back to bitching about the new season of lost, how much we hate Thirteen, and why does EVERYONE have to be a Petrelli ??

and then in 4 years you can hate each other again.

I love being an American- every 4 years we ask one family to pack up their belongings, move out of the White House and let another family move in. If that man is lucky, he gets to stay for another 4 years, but after that? nope, he's gone too.
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I think I'm still in shock.

I mean I know I should be jumping for joy but I am sitting here playing on the laptop.

and I've maybe said 2 sentences in the last 2 hours. so I am literally speechless. (and y'all know how rare that is for me...)

wow. I was a part of history. Maybe not for my redneck county, but I know I did part in getting Senator Obama to the white house. and for that I am proud.

I was very happy with mccain's concession speech. I thought it was awesome. part of me wishes he could have spoken like that for the last 6 months instead of being an RNC puppet.

now I guess I just wait for the various message boards to explode...

nite all.
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because PUSHING DAISIES IS ON TONIGHT!!! and i just realized I have NO PD icons!

not to mention, no twilight, no fringe and no house (How the heck do I have NO house icons? It's like my all time fave show!)

anyways -

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So i am in the computer lab at school- like how long has it been since I've done that?

and I'm waiting for class to begin at 6 so you guys are going to get a totally random post in which I try not to spoil any of last night's shows...

i just want to say

I was so excited about my Heroes premiere I think I peed a little in my pants when they were doing the countdown on the pre-show. HAHAHAHAHA

I had dvr'd Big Bang and How I met yer mom so I was up WAY too late watching TV.

school is going good, I have decent grades in all my classes, still can't find me a job that pays enough, and the boys are doing very very well. They have their soccer pics next week, but it's next tuesday so I will miss them :( Once we get them back I will post them. They are so cute in their little shirts!!

OK so here are some pics, yes that is bubble wrap on my youngest and my new desk I told you about last time. sorry for the huge sizes! Pictures!Collapse )
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