OBAMA FTW!!! - Musings of a not-so-innocent cow
Moo, moo
I think I'm still in shock.

I mean I know I should be jumping for joy but I am sitting here playing on the laptop.

and I've maybe said 2 sentences in the last 2 hours. so I am literally speechless. (and y'all know how rare that is for me...)

wow. I was a part of history. Maybe not for my redneck county, but I know I did part in getting Senator Obama to the white house. and for that I am proud.

I was very happy with mccain's concession speech. I thought it was awesome. part of me wishes he could have spoken like that for the last 6 months instead of being an RNC puppet.

now I guess I just wait for the various message boards to explode...

nite all.
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