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Moo, moo

So thank heavens it's fall!!!  no particular order

Primeval- On BBC America. Yes I'm 5-6 eps in, but I haven't talked about how much I love this show. It's so awesome. I don't know how I have never heard of it on the internets. And I love how BBCA is showing series 1 and 2 back to back with no break. WHEE!!

Road Rules/Real World Challenge- THE ISLANDCollapse )

Privileged- I watched it because I  ♥ me some Joanna Garcia, but i was not impressed...

I was however impressed with FRINGE. Evil corporation, crazy shit going on, a dash of Joshua Jackson? I am in LURVE.

True Blood... umm a show about vamps. 'nuff said.

House- Did not like the ep last night. Behind a cutCollapse )

Bones- again one of my faves and I am not liking the new season.

Looking forward to the next 7 days- Supernatural, Big Bang, HIMYM, HEROES!! SVU and the OFFICE come back. I am sure my DVR will be getting a workout.

oh and a side note- I am going to take the hours and hours I have of Good Eats that are DVR'd and make a notebook of all the notes, tips and recipes from them. It will be my project this fall.

PLUS- My mom bought me this awesome desk for my birthday. I have to re-org the computer room and take a pretty picture for you guys.

hasta la pizza!

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When you see this, post another Buffy quote in your LJ. Let's see how long this can go on.

"Well, a gathering is brie, mellow song stylings; shindig, dip, less mellow song stylings, perhaps a large amount of malt beverage; and hootenanny, well, it's chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny."  - Oz

I really just wanted the bolded part, but I threw in the whole thing for good measure...
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Thanks for all the birthday wishes this past week and happy belated wishes to :
sweetcheri , slinkii ,  and surreality_fan

Normally I would make this all pretty and make it slide, but I'm too lazy to do the code...

I hope y'all had wonderful days to celebrate YOU!!

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school starts for Joey on 2 days! TWO DAYS! who the heck starts the year the second week of august! ack!

we have the meet the teacher stuff tomorrow, and ice cream social at the school and then it's his FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! (be looking for lots of pics!!) so we got him his school supplies, wrote his little name on everything and packed it all up in transformers backpack. sean is gonna stay with me for the first week or so and then off to preschool with him too. :( what happened to my BABIES!?!

I'm trying to get a job in the school district too so I don't have to travel far or make the boys stay too late or anything, you know? but since I haven't had much luck on the job front, who knows how that will work.

I myself am going back to school for a few classes- evenings and weekends so I can work a full time job if it comes up of course, and in the meantime am trying to figure out how to get life straight... if I stumble upon the secret I will definitely let you know...
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Breaking Dawn came out last night at midnight and thanks to a reminder from my little sister I was ale to buy a copy at my local B&N at 12:30 (dude like my receipt says 00:30)

I finished it in just under 6 hours- a 20 min spurt when I first got home and then after talking with said sister about her upcoming baby shower and the fact that I owned it (i dragged the mic of my phone across the embossed title on the hardcover) it was about about 5 hrs and 30 min till I was done (that time includes bathroom breaks and snack grabs.

I won't say anything so I don't accidentally spoil, but give me a few days and I'm gonna go off on it...

BTW- in general I think I'm gonna come back for a while- I hadn't realized how much I missed all my LJ friends MWAH!
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I know I never post... so much crap has been going on I don't know where to find time...

but anyways- take a look at the boys

BEHIND THIS linkCollapse )

Sorry for the HUGE pic size...
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So if you know my boys, you know they are monkeys. like literal jump around, jump on furniture MONKEYS... well that monkey-ness is what got my oldest, Joey into this mess last Tuesday night:

pics and more behind the cutCollapse )
I will take happier pics tonight hopefully.
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I would get all sappy and say how much each and everyone of you means to me. My LJ friends are a rare and special breed that have listened to my crap for a long long time. and now as we usher in another year I just want to say THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FRIEND!! (and if anyone wants to join me in singing the golden girls theme, let's go!)

I promise that in 2008 I will be less of a whiner, more comment happy on your posts and to post more pictures.


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OK this isn't a scam- at least as far as I can tell. This girl named Erin redscorner that needs a couple of brain surgeries. MegaUpload does this thing where if you get 5 million downloads, they will payout $10 K. So She's made a text document that says what she's doing and thanks you for downloading. It doesn't pass a virus and doesn't cost you a dime. So Go click.

Here is the website that has the skinny.

And here's the link to the file.

There are lots of other things out there on the nets that tell you how genuine this is, but for now, just  have some faith in little old Meta that this is the real deal.

also - if you love Movies in 15 Minutes (m15m) which is where I first heard about this, every download of the Golden Compass docs will go towards Project Download.

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It's that time of year where I call you all bitches and demand your address so you can get a cute snowman in the mail from me...

get to it!

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Sorry for all the posties today BUT i have to tell everybody about my new phone!

It's called the LG Rumor click here for the siteLook at the black one with the blue keyboard- THAT'S MINE!!

and this phone is the BOMB! only problem is, my texting is WAY out of control now. I was getting pretty bad before, but now I'm just stupid. i had 1000 msgs on my plan before so I'm paying the extra $5 to get unlimited. cause i need it. cause i do it ALL THE TIME. And who wouldn't? I mean a full keyboard? that slides? and I don't have to worry about people overhearing my convos either? BONUS!

and it has a camera- which isn't great, but will do in a pinch. and the alarm? has a SNOOZE. It's like the best alarm on a phone like ever. I love the set up on it too, like the menus and stuff are really easy for my poor little brain to understand- and teh color scheme on the menus? PINK! (once i changed them) cause I might not be girly all the time, but i gotta have my pink!

and once i buy that micro SD card thingy? I'll have all kinds of shit on my phone!

Plus it has a double lock on it which means only my stupid ass will ever be getting into it.

so if you ever get bored and want my attention-

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Cause even though I said i was gonna update more, I don't. It's hard to break habits, you know ? and I had a no posting habit for almost a year.

speaking of a year. I have 22 days left of 2007. Let's see if I can survive the next three weeks, OK folks? I had a couple of bright points this year, but if I never see the inside of an Emergency Room again (except on TV) then I will be a happy frickin person. I went and re-read my post from Jan 07 and I must have been psychic cause I didn't have a good feeling about 07. granted I never made resolutions for this year, but I know wasting a month on a kidney stone and being in hospital were definitely not on the list.

more useless crap back here)Collapse )

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY kdmitche!!!!!!!
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I wonder if my bad day has anything to do with Karma- no i don't mean the record store folks, I'm talking KARMA...

somebody who I'm sure I know I hurt in a very bad way- I saw this person last night for a minute- 2 at the most- and that person was very nice to me- though he had no reason to be. I'm sure what happened is in some small corner of his mind cause you can't erase the past, but i didn't feel the anger from him like i did last time I saw him either. So then my poopie day today- i was thinking maybe it was payback for all the bad stuff I did to this person. Like in a 12-step program where you have to go make amends to the people you've wronged? Maybe I need to do something like that...

I don't know- this is just useless blather..
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She's the big 2-3!

In personal news- I bought the new Dane Cook album- it fuckin' rocks...

and I've lost 4 pounds in the last week. (though I'm sure the big ass sushi dinner i had with a friend last night won't help next week's numbers). but hey isn't sushi good for you?

nothing much except it was a poopie day at work, but since it's my sister's b-day I don't want to bog you down with details...

So happy birthday again Mantha!! I LOVE YOU!!
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