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Musings of a not-so-innocent cow

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The Dork Extraordinaire
5 September 1979
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OK I'm re-doing this user info thing...you people have so many questions! My user name PIKAMETA comes from pokemon and my real name- Pika(chu) and Meta. Gee I'm so original! I was into pokemon a long time ago and I don't like changing screennames so it's been mine for YEARS... To let you know a little bit about me- I live in Indianapolis, IN though I'm originally from Virginia Beach, VA. I hate the snow here, but what can you do? I am mother to two beautiful little boys - Joey and Sean. (born in the summers of '02 and '04 respectively so you figure out their ages :) ) Rob is my live-in life partner and a wonderful father- you might call him a husband :). 95% of the time I totally love him and the other 5 I want to kick him to the curb, but hey that's marriage, right?

I am currently pursuing my degree in Secondary Education - English (High School English teacher). I'm a Stay at Home Mom and spend too much time on message boards. I love Roswell, Buffy, South Park, Friends, and all kinds of TV shows... I used to be a huge movie buff, but you try taking care of a baby and see if you can sit thru a whole movie ! I want to write novels and make lots of money at it... let's see if I can pull it off !!! :) update 11/27/04- want to add Lost and the fuselage as fave things. I am trying to get back into my writing, and I host my birth board on babycenter! yay!

UPDATE 8/30/06- I just went back to work full time for the evil company HP. I've also changed my major to a Liberal Arts English focus rather than education. I still want to teach, but I know I need my degree more right now. (and I can always get certified and teach later) I'm still going to school full time too so I'm a crazy freak. I need to update my likes and inerests- there's no house, no eureka, and no flavor of love. (Dude I love my TV!) not to mention who knows what old stuff is on there...

Here are two pictures of me... what the hell happened?? The first one was in 1981 or 82, the second is 2005. I used to be cute dangit!!

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So anyways- Pik in a nutshell... peace out homies!

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