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Moo, moo
twilight and randomness
So #1- I wanted to make a new twilight icon and then found out that I have lost my PSP animation shop add-on. Can't find it anywhere on my HDD. So I am frustrated with havign to re-DL and re-install and blah blah blah. So I am reduced to using my one and only stationary twicon.

#2- in less than 24 hours I get to see TWILIGHT!!!! WHOO HOO!! I seriously hope there are not too many 12yr old fangirls out that late on a school nite, but WTF do I know?

#3- i just got 2 free ringers on my phone (Britney's Womanizer and Journey's Lovin, touchin, squeezin) Yes I am an eclectic weirdo.(Speaking of Bspears, a local radio station played the whole album yesterday and I really liked it. maybe I really am turning into a 12-yr old girl, first Twilight and now Britney!)

#4- I have been playing Virtual Villagers 2 like crazy - I don't know why I can't stop. it's fucking addicting.

#5- oh yeah the suckiness? My kids both have sinus infections! YAY! NOT! I need to invest in kleenex, we're going thru it like milk round here (I'd say water, but they drink more milk than water)
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