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“Oh my God so I guess it's Black Friday the biggest shopping day of the year. I'm taking my sister home after Thanksgiving and stuff and she lives about an hour away from me. So I'm driving back in it will last till 4:00am. Stores open at 4:00 thus by Wal-Mart do not open till 5:00. The shopping centers by my house have a code that's why I'm at Wal-Mart and like some of the random stores like Bed and Bath and Beyond, Ashley Furniture and stuff like that. The whole parking lot is full from one end of the strip mall to the other and I can't even begin to describe how big this parking is. It's got the Coles, Ashley Furniture like the Starbucks at ___ all the kinds of like ___ and restaurants and jewel stores all kinds of shit. Huge ass strip mall packed for the 4:00am cool thing. So I'm like oh my God so I'm thinking Best Buy must be really packed. Best Buy must have 10 cars in the parking lot and nobody is actually in line nobody but my car. Ok that's weird. Drive on down to the Wally Road and people there's parking lot is packed from their whole side of the lot like the whole their side of the lot. The whole parking lot is totally crammed in. They like on the end of the other side of the street. The people are standing outside in the freaking cold coz it's 4:00 in Indiana in the middle of fucking(?) winter and it's cold outside. People are lined up like 5ft coz I got to go see this from the Wal-Mart Stores all the way to the end of the Marsh. So like cold is at one end of the strip mall. There's a street that runs through the middle and the Wal-Mart is through the other end of the strip mall and the people are lined up from the Wal-Mart to the street and I bet you that they are like going around the corner of the building. That is how bad it is and it is 5 people feet like that is ridiculous to get in to Wal-Mart to go shopping. I'm not going shopping in anywhere at all this weekend. I don't even care. This is just so crazy. This cannot be deal for me to want to fight off this crowd. It's just so crazy. I just cannot believe it. 4:00am what is this people doing in line? Oh my God. Super crazy. Super crazy. So I just wanted to share with you guys coz it's fucking(?) ridiculous for shopping. I love shopping as much as the next person but come on my God. So anyways Happy Black Friday everybody. I'll talk to you later. Bye.”

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sunbrae From: sunbrae Date: November 28th, 2008 05:45 pm (UTC) (Link)
I forced my sis-in-law to see Twilight with me last night (I really love that movie. It's so much better the second time), then we did not go home to sleep. Instead, we drove around, checked out the open stores, then went to Greenwood mall for the 4:00 AM sale at JC Penney. I figured it was a fair trade until I was getting ran over by people at Toys R Us at 5:00 AM. Some people were crazy, cussing, running around frantically. We got out of there fast. Having lived through the experience once, I sincerely doubt that I will ever do that again.
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